Who We Are

Actually Fundación Manantial de Vida has programs located in the department of Risaralda and Valle del Cauca, covering the male and female population in different heterosexual groups, with the support of a suitable professional team and people close to the foundation (families, volunteers, etc.) facilitate the execution of our proposals.

Our Mision

Fundación Manantial de Vida provides guidance and support to people with addiction problems to psychoactive substances, with psychosocial vulnerability and / or associated behaviors, so that they can recover the meaning of life and acquire healthy lifestyles for social reintegration.

Our Vision

Fundación Manantial de Vida will be a leading institution at the regional, national and international levels by the year 2025, offering preventive processes and residential and outpatient reeducational treatments for people affected by vulnerability, addiction or behavior problems so that they achieve adequate social inclusion.

Created on March 10, 2008 in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal in the department of Risaralda at the initiative of Mr. Jhon Fredy Gordillo Cardona, who from his personal experience and concerned about the social problems that the consumption and abuse of psychoactive substances (spa), decides to create an institution focused on direct and specialized care of people, who are ill because of their addiction to SPA.

It is consulted on the basis of the history of the therapeutic municipalities and its own educational therapeutic model is implemented, which is based on the conscious accompaniment of the patient through pedagogical strategies such as presence pedagogy, experiential and cognitive pedagogy and the entire model. reeducational for social reintegration.

Consequently, the foundation begins to offer a model of care where people can regain the desire to live in dignified and healthy conditions, managing to regain love for life, being responsible and active in their purposes of change.

Fundación Manantial de Vida


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